Donnerstag, 31. Mai 2012

Remembering Tekla Knös

It has become quiet around the Swedish band Tekla Knös. This is because the band's bassist and singer, Markus, has died all of a sudden some months ago. And although this is a very sad thing of course, Elof of Etik och Moral Records has now got down to work in order to release some new recordings of Tekla Knös. These four songs had been recorded by the band shortly before Markus fell ill. A fund-raising project has been started and will hopefully bring in the money that is necessary to make the release possible. I have asked Elof a few questions about this.

Donnerstag, 24. Mai 2012

Size Does Matter

(Deutsche Version unten)

We are living in times of musical play back devices whose speakers are about as bis as a Quarter Dollar. I am thinking of all those laptops and cell phones that draw their music from the mp3 supermarkets of the worldwide web. Of course I do not want to demonize this. It is completely okay to me if you like to enjoy your music through the two rubber ear plugs of your telephone. I just want to say: Music can be louder. After all, size does matter. Some years ago I have dug out a pair of fat old speaker cabinets and a fat old stereo amplifier from the most remote corner of my basement. And I was really happy about this sort of equipment, when a pre-release copy of True Liberty's new album came flying into my mailbox lately.

Sonntag, 6. Mai 2012

Würdevoll altern

Vor vielen Jahren verkündeten die Descendents trotzig „I Don't Want to Grow up“ und erklärten damit den Don Quixote'schen Windmühlen den Kampf. Hat natürlich nichts genützt. Der Zahn der Zeit war stärker. Im Unterschied zu den Descendents legen MxPx nun ein Album vor, das sich mit dem Erwachsen-Werden ausgesöhnt hat. Und dazu noch sehr beachtlichen Dampf erzeugt.